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every country around the world, and they have been for a long time. no one could have -- no one could have imagined this to happen. >> sean: since the tragedy, the show has been terminated and the company has banned all prank calls. we'll have new information if new details emerge. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. dana perino in for greta. >> who the president be spending time with someone like psy instead of getting america offer the cliff? senator lindsey graham is telling the president, time to man up. >> the hits keep on coming. >> you may be shocked, you may be debris. some of you be happy, but when you hear this you will definitely have an opinion. >> obama wants to go over the
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cliff. let me rephrase that. if we go over the cliff, he won't care. >> how about manning up here, mr. president? >> at some point either you'll go over the cliff or find some kind of dramatic concession to the president. >> he's been to pennsylvania. tomorrow he's going to detroit. it's now time to governor. the election is over. he's a small guy. he's afraid of his own party. >> fiscal cliff negotiations proving once again that obama is never worried about trying to fix the problem. >> how about manning up here, mr. president. >> all he's trying to do is fix the blame. >> the president won. he wants to prove he can dominate. >> 15 auto workers fired are back on tle job tonight. >> hey, guys, hate to be a buzzkill, but shouldn't you guys be building cars? don't you guys work out at the chrysler factory? >> this right to work in michigan is a big deal.
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and michigan is about to become a right to work state, where you can't get a job without having to join a union. >> these so-called right to work laws don't have anything do with economics. they have everything to do with politics. >> michigan is ground zero for union activity. >> ♪ gangnam style >> this guy should have never been there. they realized he had done this in 2002 and 2004. apologies don't matter. he said we want american troops, their families, wives and kids, to die, die a painful death. you don't apologize for that. you're a bad person. get him out of the white house. >> you're going to hold what he said in one rap song against the guy for the rest of his life? >> no. just don't stand next to my president. >> psy hanging out with
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president obama, a billion youtube videos since july, but now he's under fire from the rap that surfaced a year ago with these lyrics. kill those blank yankees who ordered them to torture, kill their mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers, kill them all slowly and painfully. despite these hurtful and outrageous lyrics president obama is seen laughing during the psy performance in washington, d.c. lasette last n, even shaking his hands. psy said, while i'm grateful to express one self, i've learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and i'm deeply sorry for how the lyrics will be interpreted. i am deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be intercepted. jason, they've heard the song, seen on all the videos, a billion youtube views, many people have seen it, got it all
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going on on the football field, then all of a sudden you find out that he had a different past than anybody would have thought today. >> well, what's troubling about what president obama did, he gave this guy an audience with the president of the united states for somebody who's advocating the killing, the death, of americans and their family members. i got to tell you, i was just out on the uss eisenhower, these people put their lives on the line. when you go out, say we should be killing these people, that raises it to a different level. the white house had a choice. there was no consequence for these comments. they didn't dismiss him from the program. how about the president actually standing up for our servicemen and women, saying, you know what, that's not acceptable. you do owe an apology and you don't get to go to the concert. but that's not what happened. that's what's so worrisome. >> i can understand why people are so very upset about this. i do think it's important that it was 10 years ago, it wasn't even a song that he wrote. he was performing another person's song.
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at that time, in 2002, in 2003, you'll remember the south korean people were angry about america about a situation that happened in america that was tragic that involved a south korean. do you think, though, that when he apologizes, is that enough? >> no. >> to be able to be granted a chance to perform at the annual christmas show in washington. >> he didn't just do it's once. he did it twice. it was a protest rally against americans. supposedly he's popular on youtube, everybody's seen him dancing around, doing all that, doesn't mean you get an audience with the president of the united states in one of our most celebrated holidays. he should be on the no-fly list for what he did, for goodness sakes, let alone meeting with the president of the united states. it doesn't make sense. it's offensive to the servicemen and women, their families, their loved ones, who are out there in harm's way, to put this punk out there with the president of the united states in one of our most
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celebrated holidays. it's just wrong. >> i wonder if he's had any -- like a true change of heart. we've got the apologize from the publicist, but i wonder if having a chance now to have this wild success, especially in particular in america, if maybe he's changed his thoughts about what america stands for. that's why i think people are offended by the comments originally. america is a great, wonderful nation. we helped save south korea. we gave you the chance to be who you are today. i wonder if it will change his mind at all. >> i hope on a personal level that he does. you know, we're a country that forgives people. but how about the message to the men and women of this country. i want our commander in chief to have a zero tolerance attitude to say, i'm standing up for you first and foremost, not some punk from south korea that's going to go out advocating the death of your children and your wives. that's what the president needs to do. that's the message that he should be sending to the world,
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not trying to go out and protect this punk so that he can have more ay youtube hits. that's not having your priorities right. >> i think that's a pretty good point. a bigger picture question, for the last several years there's been this integration between entertainment and hollywood and politics. you guys have a lot on your plate there in washington, but it seems we can't get away from the hollywoodness of the assistant buy. >> that's one of the worries, that the president is more concerned about appearing with celebrities and being liked by celebrities as opposed to maybe sitting down with republicans or even democrats, talking about maybe some of the lofty things that are out there that are going to affect every american life such as the fiscal cliff. every president has obligations, parts of his job and duties he has to do, you know that firsthand, but come on, we don't need to put this punk up there, talking to him at the top of the
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newscast when we've got so many other things, but the president does this to us. these are presidential decisions. i don't think he's very well served by his staff that him in these positions. >> that's a really great point. we'll continue to talk about all the things you have on your plate. we're grateful you joined us tonight. thank you so much. >> thanks, dana. >> tonight a powerful u.s. senator is telling president obama it's time to start manning up on the fiscal cliff, the point of attack coming from south carolina senator lindsey graham. is he right? does the president need to do? kevin mccarthy joining us tonight. there's a public negotiation owing on. you could read one article and think we've made progress in washington in getting to a deal, then you read another piece and it's two steps back. you're here. tell us where you think we're at right now. >> don't think we're close to negotiations, finishing anything. there's nothing agreed to. they're just beginning to talk.
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think of this, the president wasn't in negotiating, he was in detroit campaigning. the senator is right. this president needs to get off the campaign trail. the election is over. now it's time to govern. what's more important, what senator graham is talking about, the president has to start talk being spending cuts. we've already had two months of the new fiscal year. we're $292 billion in the deficit. there's some interesting numbers through there. revenues have increased $30 billion. they've gone up 10%. why that number is important is the president is able to raise the rates that he wants, he'll only collect $31 billion for the entire year, just on the rates. but the real problem is spending has gone up 16%, more than $87 billion. so we've got to start looking at, where are we going to cut spending? he wants to increase taxes to keep spending.
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we'll be in another mess, next year asking the same questions we're asking today. >> a tax increase only buys you a limited amount of time as long as the spending is more than that's coming in. why is he campaigning? he's not able to convince anyone on the republican side. i wonder, for all the reports you read about republicans being divided, unable to come together, the democrats certainly do get a pass, where they get to hide behind the republicans who have to have these tough negotiations. >> part of the real problem is, dana, it's like republicans negotiating with themselves. the president has been to pennsylvania, detroit. we gave him an offer right after the election to start, one, negotiation. we put out what we could talk about. he took three weeks before he responded. then he responded with an idea about his budget where there wasn't even one democrat vote for it in the houghs or i housee senate. democrats wouldn't even vote for
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it. he's doing everything to strongly walk us off the cliff, but act like he's working toward it. it's the problem, the frustration. this is our moment, this is our time to do it right, and he's just looking to raise taxes, which, one, won't solve the problem, put us further in the hole, but could cost us jobs, which every report says it would. >> many schools of thoughts, but the two main ones, republicans you need to figure out a way to work with president obama, get this done, american people want to get it done. they don't want to see their taxes raised. just work something out. another school of thought is stronger than i thought it would be, you know what, if they won't come to the table on spending cuts, let them fall off the cliff. i know you want to get a deal, but if it's not possible, will you let the president take america off the cliff? >> we want to solve the problem. the only people i hear publicly talking about taking us off the
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cliff unfortunately is the secretary of the treasury, or senator murray, said it on the floor, she's the new finance chair. that's the wrong attitude. we've had bigger problems in america, we've been able to rise to the occasion. we should solve the problem once and for all. you have to find spending cuts. president doesn't want to talk about that. he wants a balanced approach. he won't even talk about it. he wants to walk us off the cliff. we don't want to go there. we want to solve the problem. that's why we're fighting to solve it, making hard decisions, put america better in the future than we are today, and that's what we're trying to do. >> it's been said after the election in november, the republicans had a weaker hand. that's not necessarily true in the house. it's good for the republicans that they have the house. but when you -- even if you have a weak hand, i think the president gave you an amazing card to play. that was when he asked for unlimited power to be able to
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raise the debt limit. does that work in your favor in trying to get a deal? >> look, a lot of people have misread this election. this is the first president since 1832 that won re-election with less votes and less percentage. this is the second largest republican majority since world war ii. larger than anytime in the '90s when newt gingrich was speaker. we ran on what we stood for. you know what we did last summer, because we didn't want to be at this fiscal cliff, we passed a bill that free-throw all the rates -- froze all the rates, made the cuts, and it sat in the senate. you can make the argument who won and who lost in the election, but from the perspective where the president thinks he's going to go through and spike a football here, he'll be in trouble for his legacy, because this economy is going to go down. republicans are trying to be very reasonable here, to do what is right to solve a problem. if you can't talk about spending cuts, you won't get out of this mess. >> are you worried about the
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republican reaction, about the agreements that boehner first put on the table, by closing loopholes for the rich, but the issue on the rich, does it come down to that or is it bigger, whether or not we can get entitlement reform? we can't do it in three weeks. how serious is the president about doing this? the republicans are on board, but you need the president to lead on entitlement reform to bring the democrats along if we expect to get anything done. >> look, i'm worried for america. just as ronald reagan went to at thitip o'neill, was solve a lotn social, jussocial security, jusl clinton was able with newt gingrich was able to reform welfare. we need a president that provides leadership. wattwhat's scary to me, is it fr that any american pays more than
10:15 pm
half his income to taxes? you have your tax, then healthcare tax, in bakersfield, california, you're well into 50% before you pay a sales tax or anything else. that isn't solving the problem. that's paying nothing down on the deficit. the spending continues to go up by more than 16%. we're in a worse situation we were before. people have less money. they have less opportunity to hire people. and we have less job growth. that is the wrong way to go. that's why we need this president to show some leadership. republicans have shown the leadership by passing the bills, producing they can do it, taking the tough votes to put america on the right back. >> tomorrow is december 11th, that means there are 20 days left. if you had to bet right now, do you think we get a deal? >> i'm hopeful we can. i believe what winston churchill said about america, you can
10:16 pm
always count to do what's right after we've lost every other option. republicans haven't held back. i know it's only 20 days away, but you know what we passed a bill last summer, that would solve this problem, freeze the rates, but make the cuts to put us back -- >> you can't get the senate, democratically led by senator reid, to move forward on anything you've passed. to me it's unfortunate that seems like a zero sum game, political game, in washington, and you guys are ready to deal. >> nothing ever happens in the senate. i feel we're negotiating with ourselves, and the president is going around campaigning. look, when we passed it in the summer, we thought the senate would do their job. maybe the president was campaigning during that time, we understood that, but in november the campaign's over, it's time to govern. the president needs to get engaged. he can't think this is going to happen on its own. every time we were able to do something big, it was the leadership of the presidency able to do it. >> i'm surprised they didn't have a bigger, bolder plan, more
10:17 pm
creative plan, because they would every opportunity and the political capital to spend. seems to me they wasted. >> no votes on the democratic side. >> congressman, thank you very much. straight ahead, your tax dollars meant to create jobs could be heading to china. yes, that's right. up next, the outrageous deal that could hand over an american company to the chinese. also, if you were drunk and high at work, would you expect to keep your job? these chrysler workers were caught on camera guzzling beer and smoking pom before building jeep. chrysler tried to get rid of them, but these workers are back on the job. on the job. yoururururururur [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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>> american stimulus money could be heading to china. your tax money nearly a quarter billion dollars of it put in the pockets of a midwest battery company. but the battery-maker went bankrupt and now the chinese will gobble up the company so a bunch of your money, about $103 million of it, meant to create american jobs and very important technology could go to the chinese. a.b. studdard of the hill is here. a.b., thank you g for joining us tonight. thirst a continuous cascade of tech failures. i feel this is solyndra at
10:22 pm
charge, but worse, because if this goes through, all of that intellectual property put into this battery storage-maker, that could possibly go to the chinese. what do you think? >> right. that's the argument that the critics are making, hoping that a committee of the treasury department within the obama administration will actually turn down the sale, pending a decision from a bankruptcy judge. this chinese company was working very hard to come to the rescue of this ailing company all along, and ended up buying it just a few days ago for $7 million more than the government put into it. and because this company is so active in the you say, there is a concern, because a-123 systems, battery technology has been used by the defense defendant and others, it's so widespread critics say it's hard to buy into this company and not
10:23 pm
be privy to that technology. that makes us, of course, you know, exposes us to the possibility of cyber attack. the chinese can say that the government operations of this battery company will be taken over by another american company company, and they promise not to be a threat to national security. we can regulate companies like that, but can't infiltrate them. there's nothing we can be guaranteed with regard to the chinese having access to this technology. >> if people look closer at who runs this country, they would be surprised. there was an american company, they wanted to buy it. they were $5 million under. i cannot believe that the group that you're talking about would actually allow this to go through. here's the other thing. the at the presen president, se,
10:24 pm
governor, everybody was there for the groundbreaking of this company. now they have the nerve tot company spokesperson say this is an example of how president obama is attracting foreign investment to the united states. i mean, i don't think i would have ever as a spokesperson would be able to say that a wita straight face. >> there's tension between our country wanting to do business with china, not to give our business to china. that's a constant tension. we have a lot of companies that want to be active and integrate with chinese companies. in every one of three cars on our road, they have a part. in terms of the committee, foreign investment in the u.s., the arm of the treasury making this decision, a source told me following this closely told me they will be coming up with their decision within the next week, and if there's red flags they'll take a second review
10:25 pm
that will last 45 days. it's up to the obama administration and they're going to take a look a lot of heat about where the stimulus dollars went, why the company failed, and why we actually let companies come in owned by the chinese and rescue ailing companies when we need the jobs like you said here. >> there was an american company wanting to buy it, to keep the technology here at home where we need it. a.b., do you remember the first time we heard about this committee? >> oh, no. >> january of 2006. >> oh, yeah. that's so long ago, i don't even want to think about it. >> i know. a.b., thank you so much. >> coming up, is michigan the next wisconsin? all signs point to yes, but this time the president is not staying out of the picture. who can president obama keep michigan from coming a right to work state or is it too little too late for him? next a live report.
10:26 pm
and one might have congressman who sponsored the legislation will go on the record. also the tragic suicide of a nurse at kate middleton's hospital. the deejays are speaking out for the first time. the first time. you'll hear theiririririr try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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>> president obama, a big union
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battle brewing in michigan. >> what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages to work. these so-called right to work laws don't have do with -- they have everything to do with politics. they're talking about giving you the right to work for less money. >> so he's making crystal-clear which side he's on. the president stopping in detroit just one day before voting on a right to work bill in that stat the bill in michigan. the bill strips unions of power in the state. tomorrow protesters are planning to invade the state capital in lansing. that's where we find dave spencer with an update. dave? >> state police are estimating 10,000 protesters when the sun comes up. they've closed streets out around the capitol, restricting park around here.
10:31 pm
some of the schools in metro detroit will be closing so that teachers representing the teacher union will have a chance to come down to lansing to be one of those 10,000 having their voices heard. what the right to work bill will do will essentially make it an option for an employee to join a union and still get those benefits. supporters say that will be good for michigan, bringing in business, while opponents say while it may bring in business employee wages will be brought down due to collective bargaining. this controversy started when the governor, governor rick snyder, said for a bill comes across his desk, he will sign it. that prompted the house and senate to begin their legislation, bringing out protesters on thursday, all in opposition of this. actually shut down the capitol here due to overcapacity. eight people were arrested. they were charged for felonies for resisting arrest. that's just the scene police want to avoid when protesters show up tomorrow. again, this is expected to happen around 10:00 a.m., when the session will begin, be put
10:32 pm
to a vote, expected to get to the governor's desk as soon as tomorrow. dana? >> appreciate the update. dave, thank you so much. one sponsor of the legislation is michigan representative mike shirkey, insisting what is right to work is right for michigan. tell us in a nutshell, what are you trying to do? >> create an experiment in michigan where we have labor freedom, defined as where unions are free to make their case as workers are to make their choice, dana. >> so originally governor snyder when he started his term, this wasn't necessarily at the top of his agenda. he had the budget deficit situation, the job killing tax he tried to get fix, but saw the results in indiana when governor mitch daniels made indiana a right to work state. is that what michigan is looking to, to try to figure out how to
10:33 pm
jump-start this economy that's lagged at 18.9% unemployment rate? it's too much to bear for workers there. >> governor snyder has been consistent from the beginning that it wasn't on his agenda yet, but he's been successful at leading us through dramatic changes in michigan. we are the comeback state, but now with the data that we've received from the blessings of having to work through proposal two, it's clear that they want us to become a labor freedom right to work state. >> that surprised me, that president obama decided to jump in feet first, because on a lot of other state issues he's said let's the states figure this out. on this one, even though the majority of people in michigan support the bill that you have, the idea of it, and 39% of democrats support it, i was surprised that president obama jumped in. were you? >> i'm a little disappointed actually. i expect something greater from a president, a graduate of harvard and columbia.
10:34 pm
i think he knows better than that. we're not in any way affecting or diminishing people's right to collective bargaining. fact, i vehemently support people's rights to collective bargaining, but i also support their individual right and freedom to choose who they want to associate with or not to associate with, greta. >> why do you think it would make a difference when it comes to job creation? after the bill is signed by this governor, if it is, what will change in michigan? >> i have no question that the governor will sign the bill. what will change is, this we will be removing one of the last remaining obstacleremaining to s that help businesses decide where to relocate. every one of them tell me their clients, whether a state is a labor freedom right to work state is one of the top three
10:35 pm
concerns, and over 70% of them say their clients will not even consider a state that's not a right to work state. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up, shocking video of chrysler employees drinking and smoking pot own their lunch breaks before building jeeps. the company canning the workers, but now they're back. wait till you hear how they got their jobs back. in two minutes, a young boy who doesn't want presents. in fact, he gave away 500 of them. the story next.
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10:41 pm
right-to-work state, making it illegal for workers to join unions or pay dues. non-union workers would get the benefits for free. michigan would be the 25th state to pass a right-to-work law. >> a man has come forward to claim his record-breaking powerball jackpot from phoenix. he is splitting the $587 million pot with a missouri couple. after consulting financial advisers, he has decided to take a one-time payout of $192 million, because of higher taxes that could come as a result of the fiscal cliff. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to "on the record" with dana perino. than a dozen chrysr workers caught on-camera drinking, getting high on their lunch breaks, then returning to work on a jeep assembly line. you saw this video two years ago. eventually chrysler employees got the axe, but now they're
10:42 pm
back on the job. we broke the story originally. rob, how did they pull this one off? >> well, they went to arbitration. the arbitrator sided with the workers. so the uaw workers got their jobs back, as simple as that. >> but explain that to me, because most places, people watching across america tonight, would say, okay, if i showed up on the job, drunk or high, hung over, caught on my lunch break, doing something that might impair the people around me, or the actual work i'm doing, i would lose my job. so what do the unions have that others don't have that get them a second chance at a job like this? >> well, this is a situation where chrysler fired the workers. they were embarrassed by the video of course. it went national. it went international. they fired the 13 guys pretty quickly, because they wanted to send a message that, you know, this is not the image that chrysler wants.
10:43 pm
so they fired these guys quickly. then it goes through the arbitration process. took two years. chrysler hired a bunch of lawyers, i assume. the uaw hired a bunch of lawyers, i assume. they battle it out in court. the arbitrator is like the judge, and arbitrator said these guys deserve their jobs back. now in the statement that chrysler said -- gave me, they said this happened during their off-duty time. so technically, i guess, they were not paid. even the uaw has rules where it says they don't tolerate alcohol and drugs in the workplace, but these guys were in their off-duty time them. spent their lunch getting high, having a good time, then going back to work. so i don't know. >> what was it like when you first happened upon the scene? take me back to that moment. were you surprised or shocked? what did you feel? >> well, we had been out there -- my cameramen had been
10:44 pm
lawsuit throughout for 10 days altogether, over about a month period. every day we went out there, it was the same routine. the guys left the factory at 11:00 in the morning, went to the liquor store, the guys went to the park, they spent about 20 minutes partying, went straight back to work. when i went out there and saw it for myself, i saw the video, i was shocked, appalled. it was insane. we went out there and we just picked a day and said, this is about enough. we got plenty here. went up and talked to these guys. they ran away. >> so i have a colleagueshow wee five." he says, dana, look, this happens all the time. it is not a beg deal, yo big ded to stop being a goody two shoes. when your story hit, it was shocking to people, because i don't think it happens all the
10:45 pm
time. >> i don't think it happens all the time. if it happens all the time, it's still not right. we don't want building cars that are impaired in any way at all. i mean, these are dangerous jobs, working with big machinery. that's how i got the original tip, dana. remember i got a call from somebody inside the factory that said, i don't want to work with these guys because they're impaired while they're working. some guy running a big crane or something. i mean, this is a dangerous job. these factories are dangerous. they're working with dangerous equipment. certainly you don't want somebody next to you that is impaired in any way at all. that's how the whole story got started. this came from inside the plant. i've actually heard from some of the workers inside the plant since these guys have been back. they don't want these guys back there here. this is not a victory for them. this is a -- just something that happened. >> remarkable. thank you so much for joining us. >> no problem. >> all right. as a final curtain gets ready to
10:46 pm
close on the guidos and the guidettes owner "the jersey shore," west virginia senator joe manchin has asked mtv to pull the plug on its new show called "buckwild." senator chastised the network saying you preyed on young people, coaxed them into displaying shameful behavior, and now you're profiting on it. so far no response from mtv. "buckwild" debuts next month. still ahead, deejays that portrayed as members of the royal family pose as themselves. the nurse who committed suicide, you will hear directly from have a good night. re you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
10:47 pm
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>> shattered, that's how two australian deejays feel about the death of a nurse in the uk. for the first time they're speaking out. they pranked hospital where kate medal torn was admitted for morning sickness. they tricked a nurse into thinking they were prince charles and queen elizabeth. then the deejays got transferred to a colleague who gave them a
10:51 pm
live medical update on the air. that nurse committed suicide. the deejays are off the air. they gave this interview to an australian television station. listen. >> when you heard the dreadful results following the days after the prank, describe to be how it impacted you. can you remember the words? can you remember physically how you felt? >> unfortunately i remember that moment very well, because i haven't stopped thinking about it since it happened. the question was, was she a mother? >> when you found out that she was, with two children, how -- >> very sorry and saddened for the family. can't imagine what they're going through. >> what about you, michael? >> gutted. you know, shattered, heartbroken. >> does it even feel real to you, what's happened?
10:52 pm
>> we're still trying to get our heads around everything, you know, tying to make sense of the situation. >> it doesn't seem real, because you couldn't foresee something like that happening from a prank call. never meant to go that little prank that so many people have done before. it wasn't meant to happen. >> what lessons can people worldwide learn from your horrible experience? >> prank calls have been for as long as radio as existed, and they're done by -- no one could have predicted this result. >> what are you guys going to do? are you going to pursue your deejay careers? >> i don't want to think about that right now. i want to make sure that family gets through this tough time. our careers aren't important at the moment. >> now that scotland yard is involved, and you may be called to an inquest, probably in london, you'll see the family
10:53 pm
face-to-face. are you prepared for that? >> right now we're just trying to wrap our heads around what's happened. >> if that's going to make them feel better, then i'll do what i need to do, absolutely. if that's something they want to do to get some closure, then i'll do that. >> you have had a lot of support. people feel you're not to blame for this horrible result. then you've got the other side, horrible tweets, saying many lives ruined, shame on you, you've got blood on your hands. how do you balance that, the support, and absolute hostility? >> i think, you know, what's important right now is, you know, that the family is getting support, and -- i mean, that's what's important here. you know, it's nothing more than a tragic turn of events that no
10:54 pm
one could have predicted. for the part that we played, we're obviously -- we're incredibly sorry. you know -- >> i feel that you're just a little bit frozen. is that correct? >> i'm so devastated for them. i'm really feeling for them. >.if we had any idea that anythg like this could possibly happen, you know, we couldn't see this happening. >> do you feel sick now, saying this was the highlight of my career, you were excited about getting the call through to get to this moment? >> we couldn't foresee what was going to happen in the future. >> when you did call them, you're talking, did you think in the days after, oh, those poor nurses, i wonder how they're feeling? did you think for them at all or
10:55 pm
were you just giddy? >> the call itself wa not malicious, no harm was intended on the nurse, or kate, prince william, or anyone from. start to finish, there was no harm intended. >> we will post the full interview on greta's blog, coming up, the little guy who coming up, the little guy who made a surprise appearance at
10:56 pm
it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call. a new home for a monkey discovered lost in an ikea parking lot. he wandered around dressed in a coat and diaper. he spent 30 minutes wandering the parking lot before being captured. it's against the law to own

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